Firstly, I do not like the term “broken family”. I think divorce is always horrible in one way or another, though often necessary. However, the “inevitable” results of divorce can be reinvented. ANY wealth accumulated, even in the worst of marriages, should not go down the drain because a couple cannot stay together. I’ve been divorced myself and I know the agony, the depression and the despair. I know the urge to get away from, cut all ties with someone, and create as much distance as is manageable. But if you own a home as a couple, please do anything necessary to take time and think before you go the traditional route – selling, often just to pay your attorneys.


The reason I’m writing this article is because in the past few years I’ve learned a lot about investment – especially in real estate. I think that it is the best investment to make, unless you are particularly in tune with stock picks. Unlike the many infomercials that give ideas on buying a home, this article deals with KEEPING your home, married or not. I know it is possible for a couple, even when divorced, can attain a degree of financial freedom, years afterwards. Many families have a major investment – their home. It seems it is typical in a divorce to sell the family home and split the funds realized from the sale. Many couples have pensions, and other investment plans to either liquidate or allow to mature for future sharing. I am less familiar with those.


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