I’ve been having great fun playing with my Cricut Explore. One of the functions new with the introduction of the Explore is the fact that you are not limited to the images in the Cricut library – it is possible to upload your own images. As I had felt very limited by using the Cricut images  I desperately wanted to do was see what I could achieve with images of my own.

The first thing I needed was an image. Having recently made a photo book of my daughter’s drawings they were already scanned into the computer, so they seemed like the perfect place to start. My daughter draws A LOT of cats and this obsession started with one picture of magical Mr Mistoffelees from Old Possum’s book of Practical Cats. Its one of my favourite drawings.

It took me a few goes to upload the image correctly. Once it is uploaded it needs “cleaning” where bits you don’t want are erased and you help the software figure out what you want cut, and what you want as background. The first couple of times I missed bits of background, so he ended up with no details on his face, or I didn’t erase sections properly, so I ended up with some blobs around the picture. Here you can see below the first version (the black one) I uploaded incorrectly and the final version. In the end I decided not to use the ‘eyes’ floating around behind the main picture.


Third time lucky the picture came out as I wanted and I was able to cut this lovely image out on glitter iron on, so it could be put on a T-shirt, (unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo that showed off the glitter well, believe me its really sparkly).

My daughter's favourite Tshirt

My daughter’s favourite Tshirt

Having just renamed my blog “Dreaming of a Craft Room” the next image I wanted to work with was my new logo. I’m very pleased with the results – so much so that it requires a little film reveal!


Disclaimer: I was sent a Cricut Explore, Iron on and Vinyl for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own.

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